The US market is a sea of opportunity.
We help to navigate it unerringly!

In the USA, the sales market is as lucrative as it is complex. In order to fully exploit its potential, knowledge of the legal and trade regulations is just as indispensable as knowledge of sociological and cultural conditions, which in some cases already begins with the use of vocabulary that does not correspond at all to the common English taught in German schools or universities. 

Expertise and knowledge (skills, as the Americans call it) that we make available to non-US investors and companies with a focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As local experts, we can advise you on a wide range of topics - our team and local partners can assist you with everything from trademark registration, company formation, opening a US bank account, a corporate credit card, to accounting and Sales Tax (compared to sales tax) registration and declaration. 

We are YOUR local representative in the United States, your extended arm.
Much more important than advice is to have a responsible, knowledgeable and trustworthy local representative. One who is actually present on site in the United States, in the local time zone and yet reflects what is often referred to as "German virtues". Punctuality, reliability, a sense of duty, loyalty and the pursuit of perfection. A person who is "at home" in both cultures.

Our promise

Having a trusted person in the US by your side is not only helpful for certain business transactions - it also gives a sense of security. 


Legal conformity 

The legal requirements in the USA depend on your industry and the state in which your company is based. Sudden changes are possible at any time. Last but not least, there are also special cases and exemptions in the land of unlimited opportunities. With the help of my network, I can give you access to local tax advisors and lawyers who are always up to date with the latest commercial law. 
The Social Security Number (SSN) is one of the most important pieces of data in the USA. As a resident and your representative, an enormous advantage for you. For business transactions between your company and US institutions, suppliers and authorities, this is an enormous facilitation and at the same time a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated. 


Transparency and high flexibility 

With me as your local confidant, your journey into new waters will be a triumph. Avoid unnecessary missteps and benefit from the cultural and professional know-how of an expert who is well acquainted with the peculiarities of the USA. I take an approach that harmoniously combines professionalism and adaptability. 

Good contacts are worth their weight in gold - our many years of activity in the USA and the rest of the world have provided us with a reliable network of promising contacts from various specialist areas. 
Benefit from the expertise of an experienced, knowledgeable partner - this way, your company will be on the road to success right from the start.

In the function of "company secretary" or, on an interim basis, as managing director, I act as the legal link between your company and the US authorities and institutions such as banks. 

By formally registering in the commercial register, you thus have a person with the status of "permanent resident" in your chair. This is not only advantageous but necessary in some states and for certain business transactions. Appointing a representative in the USA makes it easier to open accounts with logistics partners such as FedEX and UPS, as well as with banks or other service providers such as Paypal, Stripe, Quickbooks, Xero, Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S Number) and others. 

The sole decision-making power remains with you: As YOUR representative, I have no say in the affairs of your company, I represent only you and your interests. And that on site, in the time zone in which you need support. 


Security: Trustee for German-speaking companies of all sizes 

My offer is aimed at interested parties who would like to open a headquarters or branch office in the USA and are looking for a trustee and/or a trustworthy contact person with local knowledge. Small businesses are welcome as well as larger medium-sized companies.


Ansgar Heinrich Thüne



Scott Miller

Vize President


Christina de Oliveira

Office Manager


Steven Goldmann

Senior Consultant

Your representation in the United States 
  • Born 1977 in Mainz/Germany
  • Studied International Business Administration (Wiesbaden), graduated as Diplom Betriebswirt (FH), then Business Administration (Mainz), graduated as Diplom Betriebswirt (FH) 
  • Since 2010 Resident in the United States, Miami, Florida 
  • Speaks fluent German, English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Is himself an entrepreneur and involved in numerous enterprises and in supervisory and management positions
  • Has extensive market knowledge in the USA without having lost his feel for the needs of German-speaking companies
  • Complements his expertise with interpersonal skills and sees himself as a cultural mediator between Americans and Europeans
  • Gives its clients access to its powerful network of contacts, which consists of US lawyers, tax advisors, bankers and service providers 

Is your interest aroused? Arrange a no-obligation meeting with me and find out how I can help you with your individual project. I look forward to meeting you! 

Ansgar Heinrich Wolfgang Thüne